Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tomorrow, Yesterday ,Today, Truth & Wisdom

I seeked truth you gave wisdom
I searched wisdom you showed truth
You sat i stand
You looked i bowed
You smiled i cried
I and you separate not

I said tomorrow,
You said today
I said yesterday
You said now

Yesterday history
Tomorrow hope
Truth with you
Truth are you

Take me, hold me
Stillness in me
Peace in me
Truth in you
Wisdom in me
My master of the time

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Peace is the word
Peace is the perfume
See, i stand still in the test of time

Capture me oh time !
Capture me oh death !

Here i stand in the test of time
Afraid not
Fear not
Peace is in me
Peace is my food
Peace is my sleep
Peace is my talk
Peace is my BREATH

Here i stand in the test of time
With gratitude,with great humbleness
For i have seen the great tide failed to sweep my heart
Light is my path,sound is my play
Your name is my breath
Sweetness art thou in me

Here i stand in the test of time
Fear not in me
Peace in me
I m in the hands of the WISE !

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


you came back with thousands of smile,
thousands of words filled my heart,
you came back for me,when my heart was longing,
for i didnt see you since then when we met last,
you fly high in your ' king of the sky'
you stopped to see me for a while.........
if am i good in the company of truth, or am i lost in the dawn of the maya.....

i have a word, i wanna share with you,
i saw a Red Sun and a White Moon,
on the journey to my 'home'
i saw it smile and i saw it bright,
i wanna feel, i wanna touch,
Red Sun,White Moon i felt and i touch.............

my longing is deeper,my yearning is growing,
i let you go with a thousand smile,
for you must fly in your 'king of the sky'
somewhere far to someone dear,
i am fine filled with joy............
will touch the Red Sun and White Moon,
till you come back with a thousand smile and a thousand glow.......
for me ahhh....... Master!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


My heart was a desert,YOU showed me an oasis,
In that oasis i saw a reflection,
In that reflection i saw me,

Time passes by, my oasis gets bigger and bigger,
Each time i see my reflection, I see my face crystal clear,
What a joy , what a time, what a moment,
You showed my true self,my reflection,

This time i saw the reflection,
This time it was not me,but i saw YOU,
You are the true reflection,
YOU reside in me,YOU are the ONE,YOU are the ONE,
YOU are the oasis in me,YOU are the oasis in me,

YOUR reflection is the oasis, YOUR reflection is the mirror,
YOU made my journey full with contentment,
YOU are the ONE, YOU are the ONE,
YOU filled my oasis full,YOU made me quench my thirst,
YOU made my journey not a dream but a reality,
May i rest at your lotus feet

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Rain,rain don't go away,
come again everyday,

Rain,rain don't go away,
come and let my heart wet again,

Rain, rain don't go away,
let your drops fall on my head,
let the sky be coloured again,

Rain,rain don't go away,
come again everday,
a rainbow wants to remain and a heart wants to rejoice,
let your drops fill my cup, let my cup quench my thirst,

Rain,rain don't go away !

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I greet you with great respect and sincerity,
Deep from the bottom of my heart,

I saw in your eyes, kindness, love and hope
For me not to miss a glimpse of your smile,
I walked slowly to touch your lotus feet,
That moment call 'NOW' appeared and the 'DARKNESS' disappeared,
My mind failed to capture that moment call'NOW' but my 'HEART' saved
every second of that moment of me with you!

Now i am crystal clear, now i know that my greatest mind was the 'DARKNESS'
which disappeared when you ,my beloved touch my 'HEART' in that moment call 'NOW'.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Today is the begining,
Every single breath you take is a new begining,
Every single begining is JOY,
Every single JOY is a Blessing,
Every Blessing is LIFE,
Every LIFE is a GIFT,
Every Gift is LOVE,
Every Love is a Rememberance,

In every Rememberance He resides!